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Neighborhood Watch ­

Neighborhood Watch ­ - Neighborhood Watch ­Across the parish, crime is a major concern. Neighbors and other concern citizens, working cooperatively with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff¹s Office can have a positive effect on crime prevention. Funded by the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff¹s Office, Neighborhood Watch is gaining popularity in many of the area neighborhoods. Currently, a mapping system is being created to determine the neighborhood contact as well as determine areas that are covered by the Neighborhood Watch.

To start a Neighborhood Watch in your area, please contact the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff¹s Office at 985.345.6150.

Click here for more informaiton regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Neighborhood Watch

All of us at the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office are concerned about the safety and well-being of the residents of our Parish. The security and protection of your family, friends, homes and property is the top priority for us all.
We have all the tools we need to combat the threat. The Neighborhood Watch program was created by the National Sheriffs Association in 1972 with financial assistance from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The Neighborhood Watch Program was created to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations and individuals in a massive effort to reduce residential crime. A work plan emerged for use by sheriffs, police and citizens for neighborhood-based programs that use the age-old idea of neighbor helping neighbor.
The Neighborhood Watch Program has proven to be one of the least costly and most effective tools to combat crime. Sheriff Edwards wants to encourage you to get involved in your local Neighborhood Watch Program today. The Neighborhood Watch Program teaches the techniques to recognize suspicious activity in your area. With the help of the sheriff’s office  and the training that is offered, you can make your neighborhood resistant to crime and terrorist activity.
"A good neighbor is the most effective crime prevention tool ever invented." states Edwards.
Please contact our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at  985-634-9774 or by email, blancoe@tpso.org and ask for Neighborhood Watch to set up your meeting with our crime prevention deputy. 
Those who have a Neighborhood Watch program in place should call as well, so we can make sure that you have all the current information you need to help us serve you more effectively.
Benefits Of A Neighborhood Watch Program
After receiving information residents are more aware of crime.  
Better equipped than the general population to remove or reduce the opportunity for crime.
Alerts the criminal that the neighborhood is concerned about crime and willing to intervene.  
Warns criminals that they are likely to be observed and reported to the police.
Encourages neighbors to interact by exchanging information about work schedules, vacation plans and type of vehicles belonging to the homes.
Access to crime trends that may concern them.
Neighborhood Watch serves as a network through which law enforcement can collect and Disseminate information on crime.
Neighborhood Watch Do's & Don'ts
Report suspicious activity immediately to the police, not the Neighborhood Watch coordinator.
Report all crimes to you local law enforcement agency.
Learn what's normal in your neighborhood.
Take a pro-active stance against crime.
Encourage others to participate in Neighborhood Watch, invite new residents to join neighborhood watch.
Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings.
Obtain full descriptions and license numbers of suspicious people and their vehicles and report immediately to the sheriff’s office.
Participate in operation identification.
Don't take the law into your own hands.
Don't approach suspicious people.
Don't stop criminals committing crimes.
Don't pull over cars on patrol or any time.
Don't take unnecessary risks to obtain information on suspicious people or crimes.
Don't hesitate to call your local sheriff’s office.