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On the 19th of July, 2009, at approximately 04:44 hrs Dy. Justin Thornhill was dispatched to 44200 HWY 445 in Robert, LA in reference to a red Toyota car occupied by an unknown male in the driver seat on the side of the road.. A Concerned Citizen stated to dispatch that they knocked on the driver side window asking if the unknown male was alright. The Concerned Citizen stated the subject appeared to be intoxicated.

Upon Dy. Thornhill's arrival he observed a red in color Toyota Corolla bearing Louisiana Handicap Plate #:******* parked in a muddy area surrounded by a concrete driveway stuck in the mud. As Dy. Thornhill approached the vehicle he observed a white male occupying the driver seat with the rear of the seat laying in the rear position and an unknown white male appeared to be sleeping. Dy. Thornhill began knocking on the rear driver side window and giving LOUD verbal commands for the subject to open the door and exit the vehicle. Dy. Thornhill notified dispatch of the disposition of the unknown white male refusing to follow Dy. Thornhill's LOUD verbal commands to exit the vehicle.

While Dy. Thornhill was attempting to get the unknown white male out of the vehicle, Dy. Marcus McMillan arrived on scene to assist. As Dy. McMillan exited his vehicle he approached the red in color Toyota corolla at that time the unknown white male opened the door. As the unknown white male was exiting the vehicle, Dy. Thornhill and Dy. McMillan observed a metallic cylindrical object commonly used to smoke crack cocaine in plain view in the cup holder. Dy. Thornhill observed in plain view a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Dy. Thornhill then placed the unknown male into a detained state using hand restraints (single spaced & double locked).

Dy. Thornhill then performed a search of the unknown white males person, later to be discovered by his ID to be a Mr. Adam Andrew Hysmith (3/17/78 of 31962 Shelly Dr. Springfield) Dy. Thornhill advised dispatch to check for warrants on Mr. Hysmith by using his Louisiana Issue ID card #: *******. Dispatch notified Dy. Thornhill that Mr. Hysmith had an FTA Warrant #: 16069. Dy. Thornhill advised dispatch to log Mr. Hysmith in custody.

Dy. McMillan and Dy. Thornhill proceeded to retrieve the clear plastic bag, and cylindrical object. While retrieving the clear plastic bag, Dy. Thornhill retrieved three clear plastic bags containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana appearing to be evenly spread between the three clear bags.

Dy. Thornhill then notified dispatch to send the next wrecker on the log to retrieve the red in color Toyota Corolla. As Dy. Thornhill, and Dy. McMillan where performing an inventory of the vehicle, and Mr. Hysmith's personal belongings, Dy. Thornhill observed a large sum of cash located in Mr. Hysmith’s wallet equaling $620.00.

After further investigation, due to the large sum of cash, and the three clear plastic bags containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana Mr. Hysmith was charged with the following. La R. S. 40:966.1 Possession with Intent, La R.S. 40:1023 Prohibited Acts, and FTA Warrant #: 16069. Mr. Hysmith was also written a citation for La R.S 32:58 Careless Operations Citation #: 0027992. Mr. Hysmith was then transported to Tangipahoa Parish Jail, booked accordingly on the above charges, and turned over to TPSO Jailers in good health pending bond.


On July 20, 2009 Deputy Manton responded to 48191 Robertson Rd. in reference to outstanding warrant for the arrest of Rusty Willie.

At approximately 0350 hours Deputy Manton observed a black vehicle exiting the drive at the address. Deputy Manton conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and asked the driver for his driver's license. The driver identified himself as Rusty Willie and provides Deputy Manton with his driver's license.

Deputy Manton advised Rusty of his rights per Miranda to which he said he understood and later signed. Deputy Manton placed Rusty in handcuffs (Finger spaced and double locked). Deputy Manton advised Rusty he was under arrest for outstanding warrant # 10123 for Aggravated Rape, Sexual Battery and Molestation of a Juvenile. Deputy Manton transported Rusty to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail where he was released into the custody of the Jail staff to complete the booking process.

Rusty Willie
48191 Robertson Rd
Hammond La


Julian C. Coulon


45327 Shadow Wood Drive

Hammond LA

Listed subject was arrested on the charges of aggravated rape and sexual battery on July 16, 2009. Arrest stems from incidents in July of 2008 where Coulon is alleged to have committed offenses against a 9 year of age female victim. Coulon was released on a 100k bond.



Crime Stoppers

On 7/23/2009 at 1612hrs TPSO deputies were dispatched to Puma Drive in Hammond where a victim from a shooting on Drake Rd. was reported to be. Upon deputies arrival nothing was found and soon after we learned a shooting victim was at NorthOaks. Dy Mike Dean Jr. responded to NorthOaks where a Clifton Calcota 7/20/78 was being treated for a single gunshot wound to the upper hip area. Deputies were unable to interview victim but did interview two witnesses who were at hospital. They reported that they (victim and witnesses) were standing near Drake Rd when a small four door green car with a very rugged finish passed them heading north. The car turned around on Willie Harris Lane and headed back towards them. The car stopped and rolled window down revealing driver a b/m with dreadlocks white t-shirt and a red bandana over face and a b/m passenger who also had dreadlocks and wearing a red t-shirt. Suspects fired 4-8 shots from vehicle striking Calcota then sped away. Witnesses located Calcota and drove him to hospital where he died as a result of the gunshot. Anyone having any information in this case is urged to call Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Office Detective Gary Baham @345-6150 or Crimestoppers.

Man Arrested On Aggravated Rape Charge

Man Arrested On Aggravated Rape Charge - HAMMOND, LA –Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 16, 2009, Richard Greg Ridgedell, 31 of E.T. Drive in Hammond, LA was arrested for the aggravated rape of a juvenile and an outstanding theft charge.

After an ongoing investigation led by Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Detective Kerry Carson, Ridgedell was arrested for the alleged aggravated rape a four yoa w/f. Ridgdell was transported to the TPSO Jail where he is awaiting bond.

First Degree Murder Suspect In TPSO Jail

First Degree Murder Suspect In TPSO Jail - AMITE, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 15, 2009, first degree murder suspect Walter Charles Gibson (b/m, 35 yoa) of Randall Rd. in Hammond, LA was transported to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail from the state of Arizona where he waived extradition.

Gibson was arrested on June 10, 2009, for allegedly gunning down ex-girlfriend Kimberly Knox of Willow Villa Road in Hammond, LA on June 6, 2009. Knox was walking to her car in the early morning hours when Gibson fired several shots at her resulting in her death. Gibson then fled from Tangipahoa Parish and was arrested days later by the Arizona State Pima County Sheriff’s Office.

Bond is set on Gibson at 1,000,000.

Narcotics Arrest

HAMMOND, Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that Narcotic Agents arrested three suspects after an ongoing narcotics investigation.

On Monday July 13, 2009, agents arrested Ryan Charles Hurst (w/m, 24 yoa) of General Ott Road after learning through surveillance that Hurst was purchasing methamphetamine precursor materials through local pharmacies. Hurst was arrested and charged with operation of a clandestine lab, possession of schedule I narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On July 14, 2009, the investigation led agents to James Jones (w/m, 30yoa) of Clayton Rd., Tickfaw, LA. Agents learned that Hurst and two other suspects were co-conspirators in illegal drug activities. After identifying Jones and conducting a search of Jones’s residence, he was arrested and charged with operation of a clandestine lab.

Later that same day, after continued investigation, Justin W. Vest (w/m, 26yoa) of Addison Rd, Independence, LA was arrested and charged with possession with the intention to distribute methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia. Agents learning of Vest’s connection with the Hurst and Jones, he was observed through surveillance purchasing precursor materials for producing methamphetamines from a store in Hammond, LA. Agents then conducted a search of Vest’s residence and located evidence of a meth lab which was in the process of being destroyed.

All three suspects were taken to the TPSO Jail where they were booked and formally charged for their offenses.

TPSO Wanted Suspects

PONCHATOULA, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that Juvenile Detective Chris Perry has issued an active warrant for the arrest of one Chester James Herring. Herring (w/m, 38 yoa) of L. J. Methvien Rd, Holden, LA is wanted on charges of aggravated rape of a juvenile and oral sexual battery.

Herring is wanted as the result of an ongoing investigation led by the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. On July 10, 2009, Herring contacted Captain Stuart Murphy at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail requesting to turn himself in. To date, Herring has neglected to do so.

Additionally as a result of the ongoing investigation, a warrant has been issued for Robbie Herring (w/f, 11.29.1970) of L. J. Methvien Rd, Holden, LA. Robbie Herring is wanted for accessory after the fact.

At this time, Sheriff Edwards is asking for you assistance in locating Charles and Robbie Herring. Anyone having information regarding the whereabouts of these individuals is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.554.5245 or the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office at 985.902.2088.

Xavier Thompson Xada WANTED by the TPSO

TICKFAW, LA - Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 13, 2009, Dy Dustin McDonald was patrolling on Magee and Louis Lane searching for a stolen vehicle that was reported to be in the area. As Dy. McDonald was heading west on Magee Lane he observed a silver Toyota Tacoma traveling north on Louis approaching the intersection of Louis and Magee. At this time Dy. McDonald observed the Tacoma fail to stop at the stop sign. The vehicle then traveled east eventually pulling into a private drive approximately 40 yards from North Oak Street.

As Dy. McDonald pulled in behind the vehicle, the driver (later identified by via a mug shot as Xavier Thompson "Xada") exited from the driver’s side door fleeing on foot in an east ward direction. Dy. McDonald exited his vehicle giving Loud Verbal Commands for the suspect to stop. At this time Deputy engaged in a foot pursuit of Thompson while he continued to flee for approximately another hundred yards before entering the wood line on the west side of North Oak Street. Upon entering the wood line Dy. McDonald lost sight of the suspect. Deputy Sharp and K9 Titan were deployed to assist in the search. At this time, deputies were unable to locate Thompson.

The Tangipahoa Paris Sheriff’s Office has issued active warrants on Xavier Thompson (b/m, 31 years old) of Paendolfa St. in Tickfaw for felony possession of stolen property, resisting arrest by flight and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Thompson is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.524.5245 or the TPSO at 985.902.2088.


LORANGER, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports that the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is searching for information regarding multiple vehicle burglaries which took place in the early morning hours of July 9, 2009 in the Loranger area.

These burglaries occurred in the area of Hwy 40 near the intersection of Hwy 445 in Loranger. A total of eight vehicles were broken into. Sheriff Edwards is asking anyone having information regarding these burglaries to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.554.5245 or the sheriff’s office at 985.748.3334.


Did you know?
• Louisiana usually averages about 50 boating accidents per year, but in 2009 that number has been surpassed in the first five months of the year.
• In Louisiana, 11 people lost their lives to boating crashes in May alone.
• 90% of drowning victims in boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket in 2007.
• More people die in boating accidents every year than in airplane crashes or train wrecks.
• One third of all boating deaths are alcohol related.

During the summertime, our thoughts naturally turn to outdoor activities such as recreational boating. “But, waterways are second only to highways when it comes to accidental deaths, and a major contributing factor in recreational boating casualties is alcohol,” says Sheriff Edwards.

He added, “Boaters need to remember that alcohol and boating do not mix. Alcohol affects your balance, vision, judgment and coordination. It is ten times more likely that a boat operator with a blood alcohol content of .10 will be killed in a boating accident than a boater with zero blood alcohol content.”

Research has shown that alcohol, combined with boating stressors, such as sun, wind, noise, vibration and motion, can impair a person much faster than alcohol consumed on land. It impairs your ability to operate a vessel safely in the same way that it impairs your ability to drive a car safely.

Sheriff Edwards states, “Balance is one of the first things you lose when you consume alcohol, and when you combine this with the rocking of the boat, the chance of falling overboard increases.”

Dehydration is also a factor. The sun causes you to perspire, which removes the water from your body but leaves the alcohol in. This can cause impairment to occur even faster.

To promote safe boating in Tangipahoa Parish, the Sheriff offers recreational boating enthusiasts tips to help keep them safe on the water:

• Take a boating safety class. Everyone born after January 8, 1988 must complete a boater safety course in order to operate a boat in the state of Louisiana.
• File a float plan; tell people when you are leaving, where you are going and when you are returning.
• Check the weather forecast before you go and bring a radio to regularly check weather reports.
• Keep lifejackets visible and accessible, and never make someone feel uncomfortable if they choose to wear a life jacket.
• Louisiana law states that everyone 12 years of age and younger must wear a life jacket.
• Don’t overdo your boating fun. In three hours of normal boating, the noise, motion, sun, wind and glare can frequently double an individual’s reaction time.
• Designate a driver. DON’T mix alcohol and boating. Many boaters forget that a boat is a vehicle and that safe operation is a legal and personal responsibility.
• Remember, whether on land or on the water, if you’re under 21 and in the possession of alcohol, you are breaking the law.
• Observe the nautical rules-of-the-road.
• DON’T overload your boat.
• Keep a good lookout.

The Sheriff concluded, “We are blessed with some of the most beautiful waterways, and boating is very much a part of our lives. Remember to chart a safe course by boating safe and boating sober.”

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
National Safe Boating Council

TPSO - Wanted Suspect

AMITE, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is looking for wanted suspect Darrin Jackson, b/m, 03/20/80 63119 Bennett Road, Roseland, LA. Jackson is wanted in connection with his participation in a shooting which occurred on 7.8.09 in the Amite area.

At approximately 8:10 pm on July 8, 2009, Detective Keith Womack responded to a residence on Richardson Rd. in Arcola in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival Det. Womack was met by Dy. Michael Kazeroni who informed him that a car driven by the suspect, Darrin Jackson, began chasing a vehicle driven by the complainant/victim. Kazeroni stated that the victim pulled into a driveway on Richardson Rd. in an effort to find help. At this time, the victim was confronted by the suspect and one other subject. Jackson began yelling at the victim. A short time later, Jackson fired a shot from an assault rifle barely missing one subject and striking the victim in the lower left leg. Jackson then fled the scene in a burgundy Chevy Lumina.

After further investigation, it was discovered that allegedly the incident resulted over an argument surrounding illegal drug activity. The victim was transported to NOMC where he was treated and later released.

At this time, the sheriff’s office is requesting information regarding the whereabouts of Darrin Jackson. Anyone having information that would lead to the arrest of this suspect is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.524.5245 or the TPSO at 985.478.3334.

Suspect: Darrin Jackson, b/m, 03/20/80
63119 Bennett Road
Roseland, LA, 70456

Burglary Suspects WANTED

FLUKER, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance in locating two suspects responsible for a burglary which occurred on June 8, 2009 in Fluker, LA. These two suspects are also wanted for questioning on possible additional burglaries in the area.

Derrick Ruffin, (DOB 9.19.84) of 12536 White Oak Lane in Fluker and Jermeca Hall, (DOB 5.4.85) of Henry Ross Rd. in Fluker are wanted by the sheriff’s office for their participation in these crimes.

Anyone having information regarding these two individuals is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.524.5245 or TPSO Detective Raymond Foster Jr. at 985.748.3334.

Sheriff Deputies Arrest Fugitive Out Of California

Sheriff Deputies Arrest Fugitive Out Of California - PONCHATOULA, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports at on July 8, 2009, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a fugitive on the run.

On July 7, 2009, Sheriff Edwards received information from a Parole Agent out of Modesto, California stating that one Shane Laird, 40 yoa of Ponchatoula, LA. may be residing in the Tangipahoa Parish. Laird is wanted by the state of California on an active felony no bail warrant for a parole violation. Laird is also a registered sex offender out of the State of Indiana.

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Deputies learned that Laird may be staying at a residence on N. 5th Street near Hickory in the city of Ponchatoula. Deputes visited the residence and positively identified Laird. Laird was then apprehended by deputies without incident and transported to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail where he awaits extradition.

TPSO Agents Arrest A Hammond Man on Narcotics Charges

HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 8, 2009, at approximately 8:00 pm, Narcotic Agents arrested William Charles Smith, (DOB 7.01.62) of 42149 Greg Drive on Hammond on narcotics charges. This is the second time since March 2009 that Smith has been arrested on similar charges.

TPSO Narcotic Agents initiated a traffic on Hood Rd. on a white Avalanche that was pulling a trailer without tail lights. The driver, Kyle Gunn (DOB 5.27.77) of Winder Rd. in Springfield, exited the vehicle. Agents then explained to Gunn why they pulled him over. At this time, Gunn could not provide a valid driver’s license. Agents soon learned that Gunn had several outstanding active warrants for traffic violation. Gunn was then detained by agents.

The passenger, Will C. Smith, identified as the owner of the vehicle, was recognize by agents as being the same subject that was arrested in March 2009 on narcotics charges. At this time, agents asked Smith to exit the vehicle. Agents asked Smith if he had anything illegal on his person on in the vehicle. Smith replied no. Agents asked Will to sign a consent to search request to which he complied. Smith then quickly shared with agents the he had a bottle containing crack cocaine under the passengers seat in the vehicle. Agents then located the pill bottle containing approximately ½ oz of crack cocaine. Smith also advised agents the he had crack cocaine at a residence on Stein Rd. Agents proceeded to the residence where the owner signed a consent to search request. Agents searched the residence and located an additional ½ of crack cocaine.

At this time, Will C. Smith was arrested and transported to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail where he was formally booked and charged with possession with the intention to distribute schedule II narcotics and multiple FTA’s for narcotics related offenses.

Kyle Gunn was also arrested and transported to the Parish Jail where he was charged on three FTA’s for traffic related offenses.

Jailer Apprehended

HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards announces today that as the result of a joint investigation led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, Kevin Whittington, 44 yoa, of Hammond, LA was arrested on July 6, 2009 by federal agents and charged with possession with the intent to distribute 5 grams or more of cocaine based crack.

Whittington, an employee of the Tangipahoa Parish Jail, was arrested after accepting 24 grams of crack and a cellular phone which was intended to be delivered to an inmate at the Parish Jail. Whittington also requested $700.00 for his efforts in delivering the contraband to the inmate. After accepting the drugs, the cell phone and cash, and along with agreeing to deliver the items, Whittington was arrested by DEA Agents and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputies.

“Whittington’s initial court appearance was held today at the Federal Court House in New Orleans and his detention hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00pm.” Edwards states.

If convicted, Whittington faces a possible maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and a $2,000,000 fine.

Juvenile Apprehended

HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 7, 2009, deputies apprehend a juvenile who escaped from deputies during a transport.

On July 6, 2009, a 15 yoa b/m was detained and charged with the burglary of an inhabited dwelling which occurred at approximately 5:30 pm on July 6, 2009 at an apartment on Quick Blvd. On July 7, 2009, the juvenile was being transported from a 72 hour court hearing in Amite, LA back to Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center when he escaped from deputies.

Approximately thirty minutes later, the juvenile was detained at the Shell Station on SW Railroad.

Additional charges on the juvenile may be forthcoming.

Crime Stoppers Wanted Suspect

Hammond, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance in locating Lafimmas Leevon Haynes, aka “AMP , (DOB 1.30.88), of 313 Reed St. in Hammond, LA.

“AMP” Haynes has outstanding warrants for his arrest on the following charges:
o 1 FTA for one count of attempted second degree murder
o 1 FTA for one count of misrepresentation at booking, resisting arrest and obstruction of a highway
o 1 FTA for one of possession of schedule II narcotics

Haynes is also wanted in connection with an armed robbery which occurred on June 30, 2009 in the East Park area in Hammond, LA.

Anyone having information regarding Lafimmas “AMP” Haynes is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.554.5245 or TPSO Detective Kenny Schligelmeyer at 985.902.2088.

Attempted Burglary Suspect Arrested

Attempted Burglary Suspect Arrested - LORANGER, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on Sunday July 05, 2009, Deputies Matthew Schliegelmeyer and Nick Bruhn were responded to 17306 East Cooper Rd., Lot 8 in reference to an attempted burglary.

Upon arrival, the complainant advised that while she was exiting her vehicle an unknown black male approached her. She then asked the subject “Who are you and what do you want?" At this time, the subject began reaching behind his back. The victim then quickly grabbed the subject's arm as he was pulling out a pistol. She was able to grab the pistol out of the suspect’s hands and began banging on the door to her residence. When someone answered the door, she ran inside and began calling for help. The subject then entered the residence behind the victim. Standing in the doorway, she shoved him causing him to fall through the door way and out of the residence. After falling to the ground, the subject stood up and approached the victim again and began to fight her for the pistol. The subject was able to wrestle the pistol away from the victim and fled from the residence.

The unknown subject was described to be a black male, approximately 5'10 with a slim build. The subject had braids in his hair and was wearing a blue shirt and baggy shorts. The victim advised that she doesn't know the identity of the subject, but has seen him before in the trailer park by a white Lincoln vehicle.

Deputies patrolled the area and located the suspect vehicle parked in front of a trailer on Lot 20. Deputies were advised by the occupant of the residence that the vehicle belongs to a Gregory Gooden, 33 of 17306 E. Cooper Rd. Lot 2. Gooden matched the description given by the victim of her assailant. Deputies were advised of Gooden’s last know whereabouts and continued to that location.

Deputies responded to Lot 17 and spoke with a resident. He advised that Gooden came to his residence wanting a place to sleep and observed him to be extremely intoxicated. Deputies located Gooden on the couch and apprehended him without incident. Deputy Schliegelmeyer then transported Gooden to Lot 8 where he was positively identified as the suspect by the victim.

Gooden was then placed in custody and transported to the TPSO Jail where he was accordingly for La. R.S. 14:37, Aggravated Assault and 14:62.3, Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling.

Amite Woman Arrested For Attempted Murder

Amite Woman Arrested For Attempted Murder - HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 2, 2009, Victoria Gant, 21 of 61659 Hwy 1046 of Amite, LA was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder.

At approximately 12:20 am, Deputy John Eady and Sgt. Steven Redmond responded to North Oaks Medical Center in reference to a subject being stabbed. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the suspect, Victoria Gant, stabbed the victim in the shoulder two times. The victim stated that incident took place as the result of on altercation which occurred at her boyfriend’s apartment. Allegedly, Gant arrived at the apartment and wanted to fight with the victim. The offender, six months pregnant, then engaged in an altercation with the victim. She pulled out a knife, hit the victim in the head with it and then proceeded to stab her twice in the shoulder.

After gathering the information from the victim and a witness, deputies proceeded to 46219 River Rd. Upon arrival, Gant was apprehended without incident. Gant was then transported to the TPSO Jail and charged with attempted first degree murder.

Fleeing Suspect Arrested

Fleeing Suspect Arrested - HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on July 1, 2009, at approximately 2:35am, Dy. Ashley Adams and Dy. Bobby Guy attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Happywoods Rd. The suspect vehicle refused to stop and continued south on Happywoods Rd. and eventually on the I-55 Service Road. The suspect vehicle continued to flee into the Intersection Connection Trailer Park. The driver and two passengers jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot while the vehicle was still in gear. The vehicle then struck the corner of a mobile home causing it minor damage.

One passenger (Christopher Morris, 22, B/M of Hammond, La.) was caught immediately and the driver (Micarious Mack, 22 B/M of Hammond, La.) was apprehended a short time later.

Detectives are still working on the identification of the second passenger. Anyone having information regarding this case is asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 800.554.5245 the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office at 985.902.2088.

Morris was charged with outstanding warrants for aggravated battery, simple battery, armed robbery and resisting an officer by flight.

Mack was arrested and charged with resisting and officer; proper equipment required, improper lane usage, license plate light, driving while under suspension and two outstanding FTA’s..

Two Arrested For Aggravated Burglary

AMITE, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that on Wednesday July 1, 2009, Dy. Corey Michelli was dispatched to 61072 N. Laiche Rd. in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, Dy. Michelli spoke to the complainant who stated that he received a call on his cell phone from a relative claimed that we wan coming over to his residence and that he would be there shortly.

The complainant stated that shortly afterwards, he heard a vehicle sliding through his gravel driveway and witnessed Vincent Trabona (28), along with Ricky Trabona (44) getting out of a vehicle and walking toward the rear of his residence. Out of fear, the complainant stated that he picked up a handgun. Upon making contact with the subjects, the complainant stated that Ricky grabbed one of his legs and out of self defense, he kicked Rickey in the jaw. He managed to get the subjects out of the way long enough to shut the door.

The two subjects then picked up a ladder and broke the glass out of a door. Ricky then attempted to make entry to the residence but was met by the complainant. As he was face to face with Ricky, the other subject made unauthorized entry into the residence from a north side door way. The subjects then began to attack the complainant. The complainant’s wife grabbed a handgun, went into the room and ordered the two subject to leave. As the subjects were leaving the residence, the homeowners called 911.

Deputies then made contact with Vincent Trabona of 61226 Trabona Lane and Ricky Trabona at his residence of 61214 Trabona Ln.. Both subjects were apprehended and advised of their rights. Both subjects were transported to the TPSO jail and charged with aggravated burglary.

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