Tangipahoa Parish Prison

Tangipahoa Parish Prison - Tangipahoa Parish Prison

Built in 1984, the Tangipahoa Parish Prison can house a maximum capacity of 504 men and 22 women prisoners. A majority of the prisoners held at the jail are parish detainees awaiting court appearances.

Trustees of the jail perform janitorial services at the parish courthouse, firing range and handle the cleaning and laundry chores at the prison. In addition, there is a trustee crew that is assigned to the Tangipahoa Parish School Board and another group of trustees periodically works on "litter crews" to keep the parish roads and highways clean.

The prison features up-to-date security equipment with the campus surrounded by an eight-foot fence covered with razor wire. All persons entering the facility are subject to search and are not allowed to bring in handbags or other personal items. Prisoner visitation