Ex-Officio Tax Collector

Ex-Officio Tax Collector - Ex-Officio Tax Collector

The Sheriff is the ex-officio collector of state and parish ad valorem taxes, property taxes, license fees, and bond fees as provided by law. As tax collector, the Sheriff also conducts the sale of property for nonpayment of taxes.

Once these funds are collected by the Sheriff's Office, the funds are disbursed to the appropriate taxing districts.

Tax notices are sent to Tangipahoa Parish property owners on November of each year, and payment is due by December 31st.

Please click here for payment options - https://tpso.org/pay-fees-fines-and-taxes.

ALL PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS ARE DUE DECEMBER 31. Starting February 1, all unpaid taxes begin accuring interest at rate of 1% per month until paid. There will be additional costs associated with the tax sale. If the property is sold at the tax sale, the owner is subject to lose the homestead exemption. Property sold at the tax sale may be redeemed up to 3 years from the date of recordation. A 5% penalty and 1% interest charge per month will apply. The owner must contact the Tangipaoa Parish Sheriff's Office to redeem the property.

HAVE A MORTAGE - Homeowners should always first check with their mortage company before paying a bill to avoid double payment. Anyone who purchased property within the year will more than likely have their tax bill mailed to the previous owner, however the current owner is responsible for all taxes due.

For questions about assessments and property-related questions, please call the Tangipahoa Parish Assessor's Office at (985) 748-7181.

For questions about paoperty tax payments, please call the TPSO at (985) 748-3305.