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Message from Sheriff Edwards

HAMMOND, LA – (July 19, 2016) - With all the pain and suffering we’ve experienced over the past few days, I would like to take a moment to express my extreme appreciation and gratitude to all law enforcement, first responders, and their families. This is a very trying and critical time in law enforcement and it touches us in many ways and with many emotions. Together we share in the pain and suffering over the loss of our fellow law enforcement officers. This pain is felt deeply and it is one that transcends all boarders and boundaries.

A clear majority of Americans live and obey the law of the land and the Constitution of the United States which are the core elements of our democratic society. These senseless attacks upon law enforcement not only violate our nation’s laws, they violate our own belief and value of humanity. I stand in awe daily as I watch the women and men in my department who have taken the oath to uphold our laws continue to serve selflessly through these traumatic and trying times. They serve with vigilance and passion, with no hesitation or judgment, as they relentlessly stand united to protect and serve the members of our community.

As Sheriff, it is my duty to serve and protect them. I proudly stand firm behind the women and men of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. Together we remain faithful behind Baton Rouge, Dallas, and every other agency that has suffered unprovoked attacks of violence against law enforcement. Today, I ask that as a community we stand together against future acts of violence and remain constant in prayer for all law enforcement and first responders everywhere. We ask for prayers of peace and comfort for the families of fallen officers and for the women and men who served with them.

Just as I stand behind the men and women in blue, I stand to protect the citizens of our parish to ensure and insist that they will also be protected from any and all violence. Today and every day, we must rise above personal emotion, and remain vigilant in conquering any obstacle. In Tangipahoa Parish, I pledge unity and peace against all violence.