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DRUG Arrest

HAMMOD, LA – (October 20, 2017) – Yesterday afternoon, 23-year-old Marcellus Washington of Hood Rd. was taken into custody and charged after a traffic stop led to the discovery of approximately “8 ounces” of marijuana. Washington was consequently charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a traffic violation.

To give a little perspective as to the significance of this arrest and what it truly means [to you] - we’re going to break it down for you - because c’mon, 8 ounces of marijuana isn’t a whole lot, right?

Well, one single ounce of marijuana could yield approximately 100- marijuana cigarettes or roughly 30- marijuana cigars (aka Blunts). Another interesting fact is that the average user only consumes about 3- marijuana cigarettes or cigars a day. So that means it would take the average person almost 266- days to consume this much marijuana in cigarette form or 80- whole days to consume it in blunt form.

Therefore, it’s likely that Washington was either planning to stock- up his hurricane preparedness kit or allegedly planning to sell the marijuana on our streets to our people – people we may know or maybe even love.

Basically, yesterday’s arrest of 23-year-old Washington stopped about 800 -marijuana cigarettes or 240- blunts from being distributed and/or illegally sold in Tangipahoa Parish.

All in a days work! GREAT JOB, TPSO!