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Narcotics Arrest

HAMMOND, LA - October 7, 2019 - Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports the arrest of 39-year-old Quincy T. Hurst of Hammond, LA.

Hurst was arrested on Oct. 1, 2019, after coming in contact with TPSO Narcotics Agents during a traffic stop on Dillon Lane. Hurst was standing behind his black BMW convertible that was parked in the middle of the roadway around 9:30 a.m. when he was taken into custody and charged with obstructing the roadway and misuse of a dealer tag. Hurst was parked directly in front of a residence that has been the center of an on-going active illegal narcotics investigation.
Incident to arrest, agents observed in pain view inside of Hurst's vehicle an unlabeled transparent orange medication bottle containing more than one type of pills. Further investigation revealed that

Hurst was in possession several containers of assorted prescription medications, multiple clear plastic baggies containing various substances, a brown bottle containing a liquid, an electronic scale, and a Dan Wesson .357 caliber revolver. Agents also located five (5) Louisiana Purchase electronic benefit cards and US currency totaling $107. 00 inside of Hurst's backpack.
Subsequently, Hurst was charged with obstructing public passage, misuse of a dealer plate, possession with intent to distribute CDS I, six (6) counts of possession with intent to distribute CDS II, possession of a weapon while in possession of a CDS, three (3) counts of unauthorized use of an a program or SNAP card, three (3) counts of possession with intent to distribute CDS IV, and possession of drug paraphernalia.