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Narcotics Arrest

October 26, 2020

Crime Stopper’s tip leads to arrests!

HAMMOND, LA – Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports that a Crime Stoppers tip led the of two (2) Hammond residents and the seizure of an assortment of narcotics three (3) firearms.

On October 23, 2020, agents and detectives were led to a residence on W. David Drive from a tip alleging that a subject known as Christopher Harrison was selling illegal drugs from the residence.

Upon arrival, agents made contact with two males, 28-year-old Christopher Harrison and 64-year-old Ronald Hinton. HINTON was standing by the driver’s side door of a silver vehicle parked in front of the residence and HARRISON was recognized as the sole occupant of the vehicle in the driver's seat.

As Agents approached the vehicle, they observed HARRISON to be in possession of a quantity marijuana located on top of a digital scale, with another quantity of marijuana on the floorboard of the vehicle - all in plain view. As a result, HARRISON was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody.

When HARRISON exited the vehicle, also in plain view, several dose units of Diazepam spilled out on the driver’s seat, floorboard, and on the ground where he was then standing.

It was learned during the investigation that HINTON was exchanging the Diazepam pills for marijuana from HARRISON. HINTON was also taken into custody at this time.

A search of HARRISON incident to arrest led to more contraband, including a large quantity of powder cocaine and a quantity of heroin.

At this time, agents obtained a search warrant for the vehicle used to conduct this drug transaction between HARRISON and HINTON. During the search, agents recovered several dose units of MDMA, also known as "Ecstasy", a large quantity of Promethazine or "LEAN" as it is referred to in relation to street level sales, and a loaded .38 caliber handgun located between the front seats that was within reach of HARRISON at the time agents initially made contact.

A search of the trunk revealed another loaded .38 caliber handgun and a loaded AR15 rifle. All weapons and illegal narcotics were seized by agents resulting in the arrest of HARRISON and HINTON.

Christopher Harrison of Hammond, LA was arrested for Distribution of CDS I,

Possession of Schedule IV CDS, (3) counts of Possession with intent to distribute Schedule I CDS, (2) counts of Possession with intent to distribute Schedule II CDS, Possession of drug Paraphernalia, Possession of weapon while in possession of CDS.

Ronald Hinton of Hammond, LA was taken into custody on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and Distribution of schedule IV CDS.