How to Obtain a Protective Order

A Protective Order is a civil court directive intended to protect individuals from physical or sexual harm inflicted by force or threat from a family or household member, including a dating partner. The order may prohibit the abuser from coming within 100 yards of you and from any communication, including phone calls, emails, text messages, or third-party contact. The judge may also restrict the abuser from accessing your workplace. To qualify for a protective order, there must be a relationship between you and the abuser, such as a spouse or family member.

A temporary protective order can last up to thirty days. The judge will schedule a court date where both you and your abuser will present your case. The judge will then decide whether to issue a permanent protective order, which can last up to 18 months. If the abuser violates the order during its active period, they can be arrested.

For the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office to enforce a violation, you must report it to us.

To obtain the necessary forms for a protective order, please contact the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court's Office located in the Courthouse at 110 N. Bay St. Suite 100, Amite, LA. For more information, please call (985) 748-4146.